spaceX starlink internet speed broke 200Mbps, and the testers bluntly said “can’t afford it”

According to foreign media Wccftech, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s space exploration technology company SpaceX “Starlink” satellite Internet service has been tested in Sonoma County, California. The data shows its minimum download speed. It is 44Mbps, which is a maximum of 200Mbps, surpassing competitors Hughesnet and Viacet.

Shared by SpaceX and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to statistics, the average download speed of the “Starlink” satellite Internet service has reached 80 Mbps.

In January 2015, Musk announced the launch of a satellite Internet service project called “Starlink”. The purpose of which is to provide high speed Internet access to users around the world. Especially in rural and remote areas.

After years of satellite deployment, SpaceX has launched more than 1,300 Starlink satellites. Through these satellites, broadband services are provided in the United States, Canada and parts of the United Kingdom. In the future, SpaceX will also provide this service in more regions such as the Philippines.

Starlink is currently in testing phase. The end user has to pay a monthly fee of US $ 99, and a one-time fee of US $ 499 for the user terminal, a tripod and router installation.

The real “spaceX starlink”

Recently, the “Wall Street Journal” tested the spaceX “Starlink” project in a remote city in the northwestern United States. Who was trying to understand this. How the locals were feeling after receiving the services provided by “Starlink”.

The city is located in the Marca Reserve in northwest Washington. Because it is far away from the city, it has long lacked stable Internet services.

And SpaceX’s “Starlink” project has resolved the Internet gap in the region.

One examiner stated that using the Internet through “Starlink” is very simple. Only a router, a satellite receiver and a cable can be connected to the Internet.

Compared to Sentry Link, another telecom operator, SpaceX can provide relatively stable Internet services. In a family, the examiner may perform such activities simultaneously. Which require high internet transmission rates. Such as file transfer, video conferencing, live video, online games etc., and there will be no stall.

SpaceX can provide high quality Internet services. The reason for this may be due to the fact. That the satellites that have been launched are only 550 kilometers away from the ground.

SpaceX claims that its satellites are 60 times closer to the ground than the satellites of other telecom operators. Which can reduce users receiving Internet services by reducing signal delays from space satellites.

It also means that if the world is served according to Musk’s plan. So SpaceX’s satellite planetarium will reach tens of thousands of scales.

Although Starlink can provide Internet services in remote areas, it still has drawbacks. The biggest problem is the high cost.

Many testers stated that SpaceX “Starlink Internet” has an installation fee of approximately US $ 500 and a monthly service fee of US $ 99 “unaffected”.

SpaceX plans to provide Internet services to users in remote areas. But most areas are relatively closed, and local residents do not have much financial resources to pay for the services provided by Starlink.

Apart from cost issues, the Internet services provided by “Starlink” Internet are not static. There is a shortage of technical personnel to solve a range of problems for examiners, from bill payment to receiver placement.

Expand more services

In addition to Internet services, SpaceX is currently expanding more services.

In February of this year, SpaceX presented a new document showing it. That Starlink will provide telephone service, emergency backup of voice calls and a cheaper plan for low-income people through the US government’s lifeline plan.

In addition, documents state that SpaceX is asking the Federal Communications Commission to designate them as a Qualified Telecommunications Operator (ETC) under the Communications Act.

Once SpaceX becomes a telecom operator. So SpaceX can apply for a subsidy from the Federal Communications Commission. When broadband deployments occur in areas without broadband access.

Apart from communication services, SpaceX also plans to provide 24-hour battery backup service. So that users can call even in the event of a power outage.

Currently, SpaceX has over 10,000 users worldwide.

In the United States, SpaceX has been approved to deploy 1 million user terminals (ie satellite antennas), and is currently seeking permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Which is hoping to legally recognize the status of its telecom operator and increase maximum deployment. Level of 500 ten thousand user terminals.

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